TOL-2 Study

Phase IIb clinical trial in living kidney transplantation (TOL2 trial)

The multicenter Phase IIb study (TOL2 study) is currently underway to confirm the promising results of the Phase I study ( identifier: NCT05365672).


In this trial, patients are treated with tacrolimus monotherapy after MIC infusion and compared with a control group of patients receiving standard immunosuppressive therapy.


Interested patients can contact the participating transplant centers for further information. 

Currently participating in the study are

  • Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Heidelberg Kidney Center
  • Stuttgart Hospital
  • Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich


The overall aim of this study is to transfer MIS therapy to clinical application in living kidney transplantation. 


Further information on the study protocol can be found at:


Morath et. al, BMJ open, 2022: